Lateral Now? Whatchatalkinabout…

I know. Things are great. The firm is killing it. You are killing it. Why would you leave?  Besides, what can go wrong?


Were you asleep for those oh so recent years when the economy was not on steroids? Did the recent market dip put a slight dose of reality in your cappuccino? Inertia is a very powerful force, especially when you are comfortable.

I know deciding when to make a lateral move is never easy. A move should always be driven by your goals: career advancement, a better work environment, or other personal motivations. The timing of your move is critical. Doesn’t it make sense to make hay when the sun shines?

It’s shining now.

Even in this incredible legal market, the reality is that most lateral associate opportunities are for mid-level attorneys, those with about two to five years of experience.

You have more opportunities to choose from now than at any other point in your career, and in this market, you have more opportunities to choose from NOW than at any other time in recent memory.

Firms know you can make an immediate contribution, and that you have solid training, strong experience, and a proven track record. Your billable rates are reasonable, and there is still time to add you to a partnership track without derailing other attorneys already with the firm.

This month would be an ideal time to ramp up your search. Bonus? You can move after, or as firms are more motivated and interested, they can match the bonus. We have seen a surge in demand for lateral hires this quarter and expect a strong market through at least the 1st half of next year. Get ahead of the competition by starting your search now instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving.

Email or call. We are here to help.