BS Check: Market Strong for Midlevel and Senior Associates?

no-bsIs it BS?!?

No, it is not.

While all indicators still point to a sluggish overall demand for legal services and there remains great uncertainty among managing partners about 2016 and beyond, the market for midlevel and senior associates is strong.

I have been asked to recruit for a number of Corporate and Finance associate openings, and while litigation has seen a slowdown, litigation associates with several years of experience are in high demand, especially at my litigation boutique firm clients. They are looking for securities, financial institution litigation and white-collar crime experience.

Similarly, for the first time in many years, there is significant growth in demand for restructuring associates. I have more clients seeking restructuring associates this year than I have had in the last several combined.

Why is this happening now? Slow hiring and layoffs during the recession created shortages of experienced associates. If you were one of the survivors, you are now in demand!

Call me to discuss the priorities you may be seeking in your next position. 609.933.1630


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