Why the summertime is great to find your next legal position

I left a meeting with a well-known lawfirm client yesterday who said to me “I’m not expecting many candidates because I know searches are slow during the summer.”

As I walked to the train, this comment stuck with me, and gave me pause…

In fact, I  have found some of my busiest months as a legal recruiter to be during the summer and holiday periods…

Here are some reasons why:

(1) Competition drops significantly since other associates think it is slow and stop looking. Sounds bizarre, right? The truth is there is just not as much competition during the summertime and the holidays.

(2) The openings for which I am asked to recruit this time of year are real openings at firms having holes that need to be filled. What do I mean? It is summertime. It is hot. Some people would rather take it easier during the summer. Take a vacation, have their staff take vacations…they do not want to hire unless they really need to hire. A new class of associates is coming in the fall, and based on this, if I am asked to recruit for an opening during the summer (and I have many!!!), it is a bona fide, urgent, must-fill-now opening.

(3) What better time to road test your career reality? Partners are away on holiday, senior associates are also away, when would be better to schedule meetings with your next potential employer? Absences during busy times are noticeable, ad now is a good time to get in some of those preliminary meetings while you still have some degree of ownership over your calendar.

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