Ropes & Gray makes it easier to be productive out of the office

Ok, I already hear the grumbling…

But, if you are at BigLaw, you work hard. Very hard.

You know this. Your friends, family, and significant others know this.

So, wouldn’t it be nice for you to be able to work hard as efficiently and comfortably as possible?

Ropes thinks so, and is putting it’s money where it’s mouth is.

I am a big fan of Ropes. The firm seems to have a soul, and it does have a well deserved reputation for respecting it’s employees. Score another one in this category. Ropes is now offering additional equipment to mid-level associates and up to allow for it’s attorneys to be productive out of the office. These include monitors, phones, and other technology for those attorneys who wish to work while commuting and/or at home.

The cynics amongst us will be shaking their heads (and fists?), but the reality is a work life balance is what you make of it. If you can leave the office at a more reasonable time so that you can get to the gym, or home for dinner, or to put the kids to bed, and then log-on for a couple of hours from home, or during your commute, it is a good thing.



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