NYAG seeks to stem legal doc biz unauthorized practice of law

In an article by Sarah Moses, State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman recently issued a cease-and-desist letter to Derek Distenfield and his business, Legal Docs By Me, LLC, for the unauthorized practice of law.

Distenfield recently launched Legal Docs By Me, LLC, in Watertown, to “provide another key to the courthouse,” and he has announced plans to open in Syracuse, and near military bases nationwide.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Distenfield previously served as the senior VP of sales and marketing for We The People, a similar business. Multiple lawsuits across the country found that company to have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, and in some instances, that the business had materially prejudiced the interests of its clients and forged client signatures. Associates of Distenfield along with his father and step-mother were involved in that business, and are currently involved in this one as well.

Schneiderman said “It is critical that New Yorkers receive strong legal advice from knowledgeable and qualified attorneys. My office will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that anyone engaged in the unauthorized practice of law in New York State is stopped before consumer harm ensues.”

Opponents are already crying foul, with the usual complaints and attacks against us as attorneys.

Sometimes doesn’t it feel like we’re getting attacked from all sides?



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