Downey Brand’s double digit discharge

Sadly we know that Downey Brand has had a tough past 6 months, and it does not appear as if the challenging times have ended. The firm has been consistently losing partners and associates, closing offices, and conducting subsequent staff layoffs. As of now, the firms is down about 30 lawyers, and this most recent cut was of 17 staff members.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal:

Layoffs include secretaries, paralegals and assorted staff in office services, accounting and information systems. The group was called into a conference room Wednesday afternoon for the news and information about severance. Terminations took effect at the end of the day.

About 20% of the Sacramento office staff are gone.

For all of my loyal readers, please remember, your skills are your security. If you are an associate, please make sure your learning curve has not plateaued. If it has, or is no longer as steep as it once was, please contact me and let’s get you to a better place.

Partners, it’s all about the book. If your firm does not offer you a platform, if you are not getting fairly compensated for cross selling, if there is a management change which is keeping you awake at night, give me a call. We can help you make your next right step.

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