Why you really need a legal recruiter

about usI am a legal recruiter, and if you are considering making a lateral move to a firm or in-house position, you should be talking to me. In my job, I am searching on a daily basis to find the best attorneys planning a positive change to their career for the best firms seeking to hire.

So why do you need me to help you?

I share with you current opportunities, exclusive and semi-exclusive opportunities for which I have been asked to recruit, and I help create opportunities for you where there may have not been one.

There are some job openings that everyone and their mother know about. I do too. Where I add value in these type of openings is in providing you with an accurate inside view of the firm’s culture. Is it a sweatshop where you are chained to your desk and expected to bill 3500 hours? Are they known for being family friendly? Making laterals partners? where have they been financially in the last couple of years? Are they in growth mode? What are their strengths and weaknesses as a firm? Who are the major players? Were there recent layoffs or significant partner departures? Where do people go when they leave the firm?

The next level opening is the one that is not publicly posted to the whole world. These are openings that I am asked to recruit for based on my relationships I have developed with clients throughout the years. I love these kinds of openings, as I am able to offer you both a unique opportunity and to provide you with an even greater level of detailed knowledge about the firm, the practice group and the partners who have requested I perform the search.

Finally, based on my relationships I am able to reach out to clients who may not have a posted current need and let them know of a candidate’s interest and availability. As a former practicing attorney, I know what it means to zealously advocate. I have had candidates find positions both at lawfirms and in-house based solely on a phone call where I share with my client that I think they should meet this specific candidate because it would be a very good fit.

When I get you a meeting, I prepare you for it.

Ever start to tell a joke then forget to remember the punchline? Have questions about how to handle certain aspects of your background, resume, experience? Through the years, and having dedicated countless hours to learning and teaching interview techniques and communication skills to professionals in numerous fields, I’ve got you covered. My goal is for you to gain leverage in this process. What do I mean? You may love the people with whom you meet. The company or firm may be in your mind the perfect fit for you, and you can definitely see yourself joining their team and having a prosperous and meaningful relationship with them for years to come. Or, you may hate them. Or, be somewhere in the middle. My goal is for you to be in the driver’s seat. For you to decided whether you want to go back to them. For you to have the choice. By preparing you for the meeting and utilizing the techniques I have developed over these many years, you will gain that leverage.

I am happy to speak with you now, and we should be speaking now, even if you are not immediately ready for a move

But Harlan I am happy where I am….

I am delighted you are happy where you are! Great!!! If it is your goal to make partner there, I not only hope you will make it, but I am available to speak with you about how to develop your book of business so that I can help you make it!


I love being a part of an ongoing success story. I find great pleasure in helping others, and I know the legal field. I can help.

But what if you are not entirely happy? What if you are starting to wonder what else is out there…is there a better work/life balance? More money? A realistic shot at partnership at the end of the associate road? Different kind of work? Is the learning curve flattening? Remember, your skills are your security. On average it takes about 6-8 months for a lateral associate placement, and while a lateral partner placement may happen sooner, it is still a process that takes time.

So, contact me. Stay in contact with me. Take my calls. Respond to my emails. Let me know what is currently happening with you, what you may be thinking both in terms of long term career goals and steps along the way to get there. I can keep your name at the top of my list for the best opportunities that come up for you, ones which you may be exactly the ones you are looking for, and immediately alert you when I am asked to recruit for them.

If you are the kind of candidate with whom I work, odds are you are getting numerous phone calls from recruiters on a daily basis. If you are looking to speak with just any recruiter, I am not the right one for you. If however you are looking for a trusted advisor to help you plan and execute the next step in your career as part of a strategic career plan, and one who has the experience and relationships in place to help you in achieving your goals, call me. I’m happy to help.

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