Dirty Dewey Details

More information is coming out regarding the details of Dewey’s last days.

The guilty pleas of seven former Dewey & LeBoeuf employees were unsealed on Thursday and Friday, and interestingly, none of them were attorneys. and just one was a CPA.

But before you get too excited, the law firm’s top three executives, Steven Davis, Dewey’s former chair, Stephen DiCarmine, the firm’s onetime executive director, and Joel Sanders, the firm’s former CFO, are all attorneys, and they face a 106 count indictment for orchestrating a four-year scheme to manipulate the firm’s finances to keep Dewey in business and persuade investors and banks to provide it with badly needed financing.

The Manhattan D.A. is is relying on the testimony and cooperation of the seven former back-office employees to support it, and the unsealed pleas from the former employees reveal that most are prepared to provide testimony directly linking Sanders to accusations that the firm both made inappropriate year-end adjustments to its revenue and expenses and lied about those adjustments to Ernst & Young, the firm’s auditor.


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