Partners? Associates? We should really talk…

Now is the perfect time for attorneys of all levels and experience to begin building a relationship with me, your friendly neighborhood legal recruiter, even if you are only in the beginning internal in-your-head discussions regarding a transition.

Why you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you!

First, I am more successful with a candidate who actually takes the time to invest in his or her job search and in their relationship with me. I hate speaking with associates and even in some cases partners who are working with ten other recruiters. Do you really think they are going to aggressively seek out opportunities for you? Sure, if they happen to have an opening, or hear of an opening, then maybe they’ll unenthusiastically push your paper , but if not? Why bother? Frankly, can you blame them?

I would prefer to spend the time and effort with you in becoming familiar with your background and experience, as well as your interests and long-term goals. I will then zealously advocate for you (see another reason to work with a legal recruiter who is actually an attorney) in creating opportunities or seizing opportunities when they arise.

Remember, a typical associate lateral move may take anywhere from 6-8 months or even longer, while a partner move may take up to several months. If you are considering the possibility of making a move within the next year, call me. This will allow us to plan accordingly, and work to find you your best next step on your career path. It will also allow you to be prepared for and take advantage of opportunities that come as a surprise. The market is improving. I am getting asked to recruit for new openings on a daily basis. I have firms looking for other firms with whom to merge, firms looking for partners, groups, and associates in almost every practice area. For a change, we have reason to be optimistic, dare I say even a little bit excited?

Moreover, firms are wise to the whole “I have received my bonus now” mindset, and are eager to jump on the right candidates who are savvy enough to know that now is a very good time to be looking. I will typically have greater success in arranging meetings with you when I am able to immediately submit you to openings for which I have been asked to recruit.

In the fall I was recruiting for a GC position at a hedge fund. Those candidates with whom I had spoken were reviewed first by my client, and met first by my client. This was in October, and believe it or not I am still fielding inquiries about this position now in February. It was filled in December!!! We at Harlan Scott are contacted almost daily by law firms and corporations of all sizes, including regional, national and international law firms in every part of the country, and from around the world looking for our expertise in recruiting outstanding applicants for specific opportunities. We are also reaching out to network and alert new clients of the recruiting services we provide and exceptional attorneys whom we place. When we receive requests to recruit, assuming the appropriate fit, we are extremely comfortable in advocating for those candidates with whom we have already been working, oftentimes before that listing ever becomes public!

So what am I saying? Build a relationship with me before we learn of a job opening rather than after. Let’s be proactive instead of reactive! Provide me with what I need in the ways of resumes which we can modify if we need to, writing samples, transcripts for my firm positions (generally not needed for my in-house openings), deal sheets, business plans for partners, draft patent applications…this way I can capitalize on new opportunities as I am asked to recruit for them and when I am reaching out to my firm and in-house contacts on your behalf when a job opening is not yet available, I can not only explain to them why they need to meet with you, but can immediately furnish them with you credentials! If you are not immediately ready for a move, let us be your eyes and ears to the marketplace. Moves are pretty much inevitable these days for attorneys, at every level of practice. Let us help make certain you make the right one.


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