And the biggest grows bigger…DLA’s potential group hire in Canada?

Growth. Momentum. Unstoppable progress? Can you say, DLA, or more appropriately for this piece, DLA eh?

DLA Piper LLP, already one of the world’s biggest law firms if not the biggest, boasting about 4,200 lawyers, is in talks to hire a group of partners from failing Canadian firm Heenan Blaikie LLP. Heenan pulled a Dewey (yes, I have now made that into a verb) and after more than 40 years and having counted 2 prime ministers among its employees, it is disappearing. As a former Wolf Block employee, these kind of firm implosions are still painful and somewhat personal.  

The Wall Street Journal reported the discussions, and DLA Piper is talking with about 25 or 30 partners with litigation, corporate, capital market, banking and other experience. 

Heenan, with nine offices in Canada and one in France, employed 525 attorneys, and was known for its work for large Canadian and foreign corporations, governments and public institutions, and in the fields of mining and energy.

I genuinely hate sharing this kind of news, but it again serves as a constant warning for my brother and sisters at the Bar. The practice of law is a business. That is not a dirty word. Those firms that will survive and thrive have embraced this notion. I hope you are with one of them….


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