Private Equity firm buys law firm. How far off here?

I know this is a recurring theme in my posts, and I continue to be fascinated watching the evolution of law firm practice gingerly and almost flirtatiously dancing around a more robust and interwoven relationship with business. Again, I point out that this is the trend overseas, and I am part of the growing chorus recognizing that this could very well be the way of the future here in the US. Assuming that it is, how do we as attorneys best prepare ourselves for this shift?

It was reported today in the Telegraph that  Offshore law firm Ogier has agreed to the sale of its administration services arm to the private equity firm Electra Partners.

The deal is for the law firm’s services arm, which has 10 offices across the Cayman Islands, London, Jersey, the British Virgin Islands and Guernsey, and the deal was signed over the weekend after a competitive process. 

Clearly there are investors who want a piece of us. Do we want to be for sale?

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