The Quinn-ing Formula for Success?

Quinn Emanuel has done it again. As you look outside your office window (if you are lucky enough to have one) isn’t it nice to know that Quinn is now offering associates $2,000 to go work anywhere in the world they want to work for one week? Yes, you heard it right, all expense paid, 1 week work trip, up to $2,000, and anything over $2,000 is the associate’s responsibility.

Associates will be assigned to groups of 6-10 other lawyers, and they can go anywhere in the world. This is still a work week, so there must be 24/7 connectivity, associates must be available the same hours they would have been available in their home office, and according to the memo, “we expect that you will be working, just as if you were in Manhattan, Paris or wherever, even if u are wearing a bathing suit.” Nice.

Ok. I’m impressed, but not totally surprised. Quinn does have a sense of humor, works hard (gross revenues grew by just shy of 18% earning profits per partner a cool $4.4million), and like the old saying goes, also plays hard. It strongly encourages a happy work environment, stresses casual dress, and does like to have fun. Want to talk lateral opportunities? To read more check out the piece by Staci Zaretsky in ATL



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