A career guidance counselor in a lawfirm?

It used to be that legal recruiters were concerned about competing with internal recruiters at firms and in companies, but soon candidates realized we possess a stronger knowledge of all of the opportunities in the marketplace, and have detailed present and historical knowledge of what it is really like to work at a given firm or company, so our anxieties were calmed, the world did not end, and all was right within the legal recruiting universe. Now, I just read how a Canadian law firm has hired a career development officer whose job description includes helping associates plan alternate career paths.

My initial reaction was, “Hey! That’s my job!”

I work with associates and partners helping them to determine and advance their career paths, whether they’re aiming for partnership in a law firm, a non-traditional legal position or a non-legal future such as a business position.

Also, why would a lawfirm invest valuable resources to help associates take other paths? I have not been away from the practice long enough for my eyebrows to remain unraised…

The firm is quoted in an article in Julius Melnitzer’s article in Law Times entitled “New role looks to support associates’ diverse goals” saying the following:

“We want to be the best place for young, talented lawyers to come and that includes making a credible case that we are interested in their career development even if they ultimately decide that Osler isn’t the place for them,” says Fric.
“After all, history tells us that leaving the firm is a decision some people will make, and that’s OK. Some even become clients.”

“Some even become clients.” I like that! What are your impressions?


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